Is there any body out there?
See them shut out from their own land. The Palestinians.
Break down the wall.
Let's tear down our own wall. The wall of silence.
Just tear down that wall in your head.
There' someone who needs you.
Freie Wahlen. Wir bleiben hier. -they wrote on Die Mauer.
Free walls. We remain here.
Nichts in uns is so swach wie das Gedächtnis
Nothing is so suple as memory.
What is left of Saharaui people.
Walls seem to be the panacea, the universal remedy for our incompetency and fears.
They grow everywhere as tragical flowers. In Kosovo, in Kuwait border with Irak, in Cyprus...

But their are also a lot of new apartheid walls :
gated communities, security fences, guarded neighbourhoods, condominios exclusivos, encerramientos, quartiers enclos...
Indeed 'forttress' suburban states.
So affluent people mean lock out violence:
Through an ominous architecture of fear that extends from El Soto de la Moraleja in Madrid to Toluca in Mexico, to Florida and Chile...

Break down the wall
Come on, Jerichoooo
You know I got ya, yeah!
-did sing Chris Jericho.

And the walls came tumbling down!!??

Don't dream, baby. For the present we are still ruled by paranoia and fear.
Goodby blue sky!?
This depends upon our own will -if I'm not too innocent and simple.