Exhibition in Barcelona-Montcada i Reixac. April 2004


ORIOL RIUS - Barcelona

This exhibition focuses on my work The Wall, also entitled Utopia II, as it is a variant of my work Utopia builded on the Parc de la Vila in Barcelona-Esparreguera (oriolrius.info ). See a power point presentation of it.

See power point
The Wall shares with Utopia of the Parc de la Vila the effect of the prospect, so that in a distance of 25 meter it makes us the impression of attaining the utopian quadrature of the circle.

The Wall wants to be a homage to those suffering the brutality of a wall that splits there daily life, sorts out them from family and friends and shatters its earth, as now in Palestine, or in years past in Germany, during the almost eternal postwar period.

The wall is also a claim against the fences protecting the "gated communities" of Brazil, Chile, Florida..., and also Spain.

The Wall is, at the same time, a reflection that goes beyond the obstacles created by the man.

What's behind there? This is the question.